Do I Need a Drug & Alcohol Detox?


The simple answer is yes. If you or your loved one are seeking help for an addiction, the chance of a detox being needed is great. However, our trained intake professionals are here to help. They will conduct a pre-admission assessment and determine the history of use and other factors. Some individuals may not require a medical detox. If one is recommended, Soul Surgery is a great resource for a safe and smooth detox process.


Even though the detox process can be challenging, we are hopeful that with our help, you can succeed at our detox center in Scottsdale. Drug detox addresses many facets of treatment. Besides the more frequent substances that require detox, like alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth and prescription painkillers, there are programs available for inpatient detox, outpatient detox and even some that address business executives who may have additional concerns about detoxing.


Not only do we partner directly with you, but also include your family in your treatment so they can aid in your recovery as well. At our detox center in Scottsdale, we value the support that can come from the family and will encourage you to allow them to become a strong source of support in your recovery.


At Soul Surgery, not only will we incorporate your family into your detox as well as provide you with a highly trained staff, but we will also begin showing you how to improve your overall lifestyle to not just support your detox, but also your future sobriety. We do this by exposing you to the many benefits of a healthy life, such as a proper diet and exercise routine, plenty of rest, and participating in stimulation activities during your stay.


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