Should I Do A Drug Detox?


Drug and Alcohol Detox

Do You Need Drug Detox?
If you’re on this page, it is likely that you or someone you love is dealing with addiction. Whether your experience is direct or indirect, knowing the signs of addiction can help you determine if drug detox is indeed necessary.


Most people know the physical signs of addiction–bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils, unexplained weight fluctuation, lack of personal grooming habits, etc.


But what about the psychological signs of addiction?


Some of these general behavioral signs of addiction can include:


• Increased agitation or irritability
• Depression
• Sudden changes to one’s social circle
• Changes in one’s priorities and/or habits
• Involvement in illegal activity
• Lack of interest in activities the user once enjoyed

If the above situations feel familiar to you, it might be time to seek a new route to the sober life you want. Drug detox followed by a quality addiction rehab program is the change in direction that you need.


Why Choose Drug Detox Over Self Detox at Home?
Anyone who has tried to quit using after long-time or heavy usage knows that stopping isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many users eventually realize that they need to quit, but once uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms set in, that desire can start to waiver. Depending on the substance being abused, symptoms like nausea, muscle cramps, excessive sweating, and many others can make the detox process rather unpleasant.


Some of the most common general symptoms of withdrawal, as well as the ones listed above, include:


• Anxiety
• Irritability
• Insomnia
• Muscle aches
• Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
• Trouble with concentration


The symptoms associated with withdrawal can be a challenge to get through, but this is where drug detox comes in. By receiving detox in a managed setting overseen by physicians, your detox experience can be as smooth as possible. Additionally, you are drastically more likely to successfully achieve sobriety if your detox is overseen by experienced professionals.


Let Our Detox in Arizona Help You
At our premier rehab facility, Soul Surgery in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can receive the complete treatment that you need to be on your way to recovery. Our guests undergo drug detox in Arizona at our Scottsdale Detox location before coming to our center to complete a subsequent addiction treatment program.


Some of the unparalleled programs and services we offer include:


• Inpatient residential treatment
• Outpatient rehab
• IOP, PHP, and OP
• Sober Living
• Extended Care

Our beautiful facility in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, is a JCAHO accredited facility. We partner with top insurance companies such as Aetna, BCBS, Humana, Magellan, and United in order to help make treatment more affordable. We’ve helped thousands of people with addiction, and we can help you, too, if you’re ready to take this huge leap of faith.


Get Help for Addiction in Arizona
Addiction is a powerful disease, but it doesn’t have to ruin you or your family. By choosing Soul Surgery in Scottsdale, Arizona, for your addiction treatment, you can put in place great changes in your life. Let us help you get sober and teach you lifelong coping skills and methods for resisting substance abuse in the future and staying sober. Call us today at 888-614-1107 to get started on the road to a better tomorrow.


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